1 June 2008

Last Night

Last night i finally got a page done, of some of the photos i took yeaterday. Blake was having fun outside and in the boot of the car while we were getting ready to go out. Also i have used patty pans on this one. i love patty pans on layouts there is so much that you can do with them- layering them, putting flowers on top, stamping on them, using brads or buttons on them. I almost always layer them though, then you can have colours co-ordinating with the layout. If you hunt around you can get heaps of different sizes and they are cheap :) . plus now they remind me of you Bridgitte :p


bunbury gal said...

Hiya Ames!

GREAT PAGES!!! Plus it's lovely to be able to see pics of you and the boys with the click of a button! I feel the same as you about patty pans- they remind me of you (and the comission I will one day grant you to create an installation for me) (lol). I am so glad you moved to the 'cute little town' and we could get to know each other better. Lotsa love from far away, B xxx

RKR Enterprises said...

I really liked your blog. Pictures are very cute, as are you. Anyway take care.

RKR Enterprises