3 June 2008

Little Prince

I had some time today to get one done in the morning, which was nice for a change. blake inspired me when i woke up i could hear blake playing then heard luke crying and blake ran to him and yelled out "its alright lukey, blakeys coming" in his cute little voice. Then climbed up into the cot and took him a teddy and cuddled up to him. Blake has been getting into lukes cot quite a bit and cuddleing up- but today what he said just made me smile. It was a nice way to start the day. Blake really loves Luke and cant wait for luke to be able to interact a little more. Luke loves Bouncing it is his favourite thing to do and today blake was jumping saying ' Luke jump too" so that they were bouncing together, luke was looking at blake with a big smile. They are already so cute together. so thats a page for todaY :)

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