11 August 2008

just having fun

I really had fun with this one, in the middle of a busy weekend i managed to get one LO done. I love my boys and all but sometmes i just scrap while wishing that they were girls just so that i could use all of the products that i love. But after attending an art exhibitionon friday night (cant belive how long it has been since i went to one of these) i felt like i should be pushing myself a little bit more. And i cant remember having this much fun doing a LO, just being me and enjoying colurs!! Colours are my thing. hope you like :)


Simon Scales said...

looking good - glad you won the comp with this one

kathie said...

I do love this! Congrats on the gift voucher.
Oh, and I so feel your pain about girly product and being a mum of boys.

Lovin' the idea of the patty pans btw.

Yes, i should get a tumble drier, but then most clothes have the big "do not tumble dry" tag on them anyway... What's a girl to do?
Where in the hills do you live Amy?