21 August 2008

warmer weather pleeeease

it is so freezing were we live today it is icy which is not good for two little ones who are sick and I have had a cold all this week so havent felt much like scrapping. Though i did make a mini album last week and i think that next time i make one i will have to make it a bit simpler... i will post it hopefully tomorrow with a few other LO hopefully. Im of to go do some scrapping now though around tea time is not the best but hopefully i will make some progress. My hubby got home fairly early tonight and fed luke, then went off to change him and luke milk chucked all over DH but not on himself :) least it was not me :P lol The joys of having a baby around. Blake had his very first haircut yesterday and it is taking me a while to get used to. It is like having a fresh blake and is really strange- he is not a baby anymore. The hairdresser said that many people get really emotional when they get their kids hair cut for the first time but i wasnt at all- just excited until we got home and it sunk in, he looks super cute but he is growing up. Any way here is one of DH and I, last night he let me take some photos... what is it with guys and not having there photo taken?? they are worse than girls!!!!


Simon Scales said...

Hey from - sunny LA - man its hot here - i have the AC on - is it hot there???

Mamie Girl said...

only a brother could be so mean :P

Simon Scales said...

ohhhh...you really meant it was cold...i thought you were kidding
ok..so i hear its even hotter in NY - ill be there on sunday!!!! :)