10 September 2008

what a weekend

This weekend was a huge weekend for us, and there was a lot of build up to it, including a few little dramas! My brother came home from America where he has been for 12 weeks (leaving his pregnant wife and 2 year old home) so we were all so excited to see him and glad that he is safely home. we took the kids out to a play cafe and they had a ball- except that we lost Jay for a bit which was really scary, only to find him alone in the toilets having a lovely time washing his hands ;) thankgod he was ok. Meanwhile my little 2 yr old was off kissing and cuddling older girls in the tunnels lol. We stayed overnight at our inlaws as sunday was not only fathers day but also my SIL Engagement party, which went really well and looked almost like a wedding reception, it was beautiful!!! Then on monday the weather was so beautiful i decided to take the boys to the show - on my own, we did have a really good time only wished that i had someone else there so that i could have taken some photos of blake, but oh well ;)

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