3 December 2008

Cupcakes again

I know I know I really have gone cupcake crazy and I just cant seem to help myself but anyway we have been making cupcakes today and they are christmasey . We have also made about 10m of Christmas wrapping paper from brown paper from the newsagent, we put hand prints and stars and baubles on it, Blake had a lovely time getting messy as you can see :) I haven't scrapbooked lately and its kinda because i did a bit of a stock take of all my lo this year and i have so many they don't fit into the albums i have - so i have a choice: to buy more albums or to find a different way to store them- but most other ways mean that you cant look at the pages. Any way my problem is that if i have like four or more albums every year and i keep going and going and going then where am i going to store all of these albums ???? and that is going to be a whole heap of albums!! Golly Gosh what is a girl to do??? lol

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