24 February 2009

Darn it this photo looks a little blurry... oh well i think you get the gist. So today we are just hanging out having fun. Blake has just discovered some chalk hidden away in a box, and finally at Nana's house he can actually play with it. I am so glad that he finally has somewhere to play outside and i hope that when we get into the new house that it is not too much of a dust bowl and that he can play there. So this LO is from his birthday which was in the middle of moving into Nana's house (there is actually a dryer behind him and a whole lot of other stuff). My poor Nana is sick today and i have spent all day worrying about her, i don't think she has too many days left, she rang here this morning asking for my mother and she didn't sound good at all, she only just got out of hospital a few days ago after collapsing and being rushed off to hospital. I hope that she doesn't have to go back in again.

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