28 February 2009

wishing waiting thinking

The journalling reads " So much of my life is spent wishing, wishing that i was better, wishing that i was skinnier, whising i had more, wishing i could wear clothes that i like, wishing i was a better scrapper, wishing i was different, wishing i was a better mother,wife , daughter and friend. All this wishing makes me forget who i am. right now"
( photo removed for publication)
This one was done with some wine in hand at 1am last night. sometimes life is a struggle for no reason than i struggle within myself. Out side of me my life is really good, just how i like it, wouldnt change much (maybe except the fact that we are living at my mums while we are building and i am so looking forwad to getting into our own house....but it wont be long and we will be there *sigh*) ITs just that there are so many things that i dont do that would inrich my life because i am too scared... i dont want to be scared anymore. i want to have fantastic experiences in my life......im wishing my life away sometimes......

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