7 September 2009

waiting wishing dreaming

OK so I wasn't gonna blog today, didn't feel in the mood, feelin a bit blah today.....THEN i looked at the photos of the house that we took this weekend and i got so so so excited. Every time we go there I feel like i am being dragged away, I just want to stay there, I just want to be there I don't wanna leave.. The boys even have a lot of fun there, running around. SO the frame is all gone now, never to be seen again(which in a way is kinda sad- i have some nice memories of the boys running in and around that frame) The brick work is almost complete, amazing since there is only one ONE man laying every brick, he only has the window sill on the kitchen to do and of course the quoins- finishing touches.
Paul went there on Wednesday to find that all of the walls up inside the house -I couldnt believe it until i saw it for myself. The doors arnt on yet but that is good for me it means we dont have to get a key yet - when we do it will be a longer trip there yawn :)Paul and Luke in the family room , you can see what we are calling the nook- there are three of them- one is a little 'cranny'. Also the cornices are there ready to be put upI had to put a piccy of my studio in ;)And the kitchen family room....

I am so looking forward to living in this house and making it a beautiful home

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Shelley said...

WOW Amie - its coming along great!