9 November 2009

This weekend I made

This weekend I made piles of boxes, AND IT FELT SOOOO GOOD!!! They have said that the house will be finished mid to late November. So this weekend was filled with lots of shopping. My SIL took me to Ikea and we had a ball there I think we were there for at least 3 1/2 hours. Then on Sunday Paul and I bought both lounge suits to go in the new house( we have a family room and a home theatre) and I AM SO HAPPY. I feel like we are ready now.You see i had no idea what I was gonna do with the family area decoration/colour wise but now it has all fallen in to place. And so all I have left to buy is some curtains for the family room, and something for the bathroom toilet windows (they are clear glass and quite large windows) YAY I feel so ready. And as I started packing these boxes I started to come across things I have bought to go in the new house and that made me feel even more ready, the picture in my head is really started to come together.....

Should I share a house photo since i haven't shared one for a while

this is (obviously) the kitchen, which I am a bit spewing about because Paul didn't come to that appointment, to choose the kitchen - so I played it incredibly safe worried that he wouldn't like it, now he loves it and i am not so sure- I think I will be happier once the floor is in and the walls are painted :)

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Julie said...

How wonderful that you'll soon be moving into your own house Amie!...I can tell you're very excited!!..Enjoy this happy time.

Oh, and I've given you an award on my blog!