22 March 2010

Shimelle's prompt 4 and a little peice of garden

This prompt was all about card stock and I have to say that I struggled with it. I didn't think I would- I love card stock.... I think that was the problem I don't really have that much of it so using a lot of it on one page was hard A few weeks back Paul decided that I had wanted to start my garden for so long that he would treat me to a little piece of garden, in our big backyard ( i think it is about 1/2 an acre but i could be wrong it may be a little more) this little square sure is small but it makes me oh so happy.

We planted a stack of vegetables in this little box- far too many really and they are all growing on top of each other- but you know what I don't care, It is making me so happy to look out there and see a pretty patch of green that is growing fast. We have had lettuce every day sometimes twice a day and we have also had some beans too- though only about 4 hehee!

We have spinach, beetroot, celery, parsley, beans, lettuce, strawberries and basil


kathie said...

OMG. There's a bit of work that's gonna be happening in that there garden. It's humungasour (to borrow a Ben10 word from Jamie).
Love the cardstock layout. You know what, sometimes our best work comes from being challenged!

Ali said...

Oh my... that is one huge gardening project - no wonder you love your little box - maybe you can just add lots of other little boxes :)great LO, you used the cs beautifully and creatively!

Anesha said...

Fab layout, love the layers of colour. Wow lots of work to do in your garden. Anesha :)