7 March 2010

sunday afternoon creativeness

Hello Sunday Afternoon it is so nice to enjoy you !! This is one of the first times in a long time that Paul has had the Monday public holiday off - so Sunday doesn't have the OH you have to go to work tomorrow feel. YAY
These are Devils food cupcakes that I whipped up this afternoon and they are DEVINE light fluffy moist and yummo. Sorry I cant give you the recipie, I have a little cupcake business idea that i am testing so there are tones of cupcakes and muffins being made in this house. Most of them have been eaten by the men at Paul's work- though they prefer Muffins to cupcakes, cupcakes are too girly apparently :)
These are particularly pretty I love the patty pans pink spotty and scalloped :P
Have a happy Sunday

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