16 July 2010

10 things Ive made

Thought i would put up ten things that I have made lately:)
1. a scrapbook page about Blake
2. A headband with a tulle flower3. A headband with a yellow fabric flower4. A head band with a pink and red flower5. A cup cake nappy wallet ( i have made 2 of these- each with different buttons )6. A pink and purple nappy wallet, still yet to be embellished7. A dinosaur nappy wallet, this one is in flannelet so it is soft and is also yet to be embellished8. A cute purse nappy wallet-cute one for the girls, also need to be embellished9. A floral nappy wallet that is yet to be finished :)10. And a lunch bag- I love this cute apple fabric!!!


Ali said...

Wow, you've been busy! Love all your headband flowers and your lunch bag is super cute :)

Simon Scales said...

busy busy