11 September 2010

Caitlin's pressie

I have finally gotten around to making a birthday pressie. Caitlin's (my little niece with the beautiful orange hair) birthday is in the next week, she will be turning two. I have made her a ' sleep time bag' Inside I have put in a pair of pajamas - I made the pants and bought the top and am going to sew her name on the front of the top with the same material as the pants. I have bought her two little books , one is a goodnight book with a cute little girl in it. If i have time I will sew a little softie that looks like the little girl. I have also put in a box board version of possum magic that is for little ones and just has beautiful piccys of the animals from possum magic with the name of the animals. I will have to photograph them tomorrow with the pajamas.Tomorrow I am doing the local markets ( I live in a very small town)- to be honest I am not really looking forward to them, last time i sold one thing only enough to cover the table.......may be I will have to start an Etsy store cos I would rather that the things I make have a home than just sit here in my fabric box.
Also I have some crayon wraps that I am taking along with me if they don't sell I will show you them tomorrow. They are a cute little gift for a boy.
Oh and Mel I am working on a headband tutorial for you :)


Nic Wood said...

Lucky Caitlin - IM sure she will just love her bag and all the goodies inside!

nic xxx

kathie said...

Good luck with the market! I hope you got some sales. I love the sound of the sleep bag. What a thoughtful gift :)

Jamie loves his crayon roll. Such a good pressie!