13 December 2010

A Crafty Christmas Catch up- Days 4 and 5

Day Four:
I have been wanting to make a gingerbread house with Blake this year but I really couldn't be bothered making the ginger bread this year so I bought a pile of biscuits and sweets to make some Chrissy houses. I wasn't all that happy with mine, the roof kept falling off so i had to use a small pile of toothpicks to hold it together and by the time i had it together I wasn't so excited about decorating it :)
Check out what Paul and Blake made! A Christmas Train! I would totally suggest that if you wanna make biscuit house you make it with these sponge biscuits because they are easy to cut into whatever shape you would like.
Day Five:
I thought I would share the second bag and also apologize for my last post- I shouldn't be blogging that late (and after a very long day) I was in la la land. Any way I got the pattern over at I think sew. com ( I will put the site in my sidebar) They have some cute patterns for a great price, I think I paid about $3.50au for this pattern! As you can see I am yet to find a button I love to go on this bag

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