18 January 2011

A little bit of play dough fun

Today we made some play dough. Play dough with a difference, it was scented and smelled almost yummy enough to eat!!The brown was chocolate- we just added coco powder, that did a great job
The light brown was cinnamon, yum!
The cream colour was vanilla
The pink ended up just being pink but if you go check out mini eco, where i got the idea (in my sidebar) she has a cranberry one!
I just made one batch, once made divided into four then I added in the scents and colours divide them into 2, one each for the boys.


buzzee bee said...

MMMMMM tasty dough!!

Nic Wood said...

Awesome! so much better than playdough filled with glitter LOL scented playdough always reminds me of Margot!

I only came across the little eco blog recently - LOVE it, so much great stuff on there.

Nic xxx