8 February 2011

So when Paul had his op I made it my business to go check out the fabric shops in the city and ended up hauling home this lot :) Sure did make me smile on that very busy day! But when I got home I realised that I hadn't bought any pink fabric for a project I've been wanting to make....Today I was going past the local fabric shop, which has an awesome range but sadly are closing down- happily offering 30-50% off! I have been wanting to stop for so long but haven't found an appropriate time. Today I was childless so it was the perfect time!!!If only there was a decent local scrapbook shop then I could go spend my pennies there!!!!


Ali said...

Loving all that gorgeous fabric - what are you going to create with it? I fear local scrapbooking shops are a thing of the past, none here either :(

Julie said...

Oh what a gorgeous smorgasbord of fabric Amie! Can't wait to see what you do with them.
My LSS just closed down last week!...there are a couple of others on the Central Coast but they are much further away. It seems online shops are taking over!