1 March 2011

A little Show and Tell...

Finally After 6 years of wondering I am putting together a Birthday Box really just to see what it would look like, how much cost is involved and how much time is involved. It is coming along slowly and I am still narrowing down ideas but so far I am happy with where it is going. The girl box would be perfect for a princess party or a fairy party or even a gorgeous afternoon tea party! There are pretty pink wands with white polka dot tulle....There are felt wrist bands all ready to go (still I cant get that magenta colour to look right in photos)
There are pretty pink polka dot party bags, I am still working on crowns, cupcake toppers and a few more yummy things.
I have also been thinking about a boy box and have some super star/ super hero badges all ready.
What do you think??

I really cant believe that there are only two people in for the last giveaway!! whats wrong with you people?????? :P So since I cant bring myself to flip a coin you BOTH are getting one (Ann is not included since she also sells natures gold!) So Julie you just need to email your address to me. :)


Julie said...

Thanks so much Amie. I've emailed you my address.

Oh and your party boxes look fantastic!...what a great idea!

Ali said...

Love your Birthday boxes - I'd like an afternoon tea party please :)