16 May 2011

One Happy Thing

This weekend I had the most amazing Saturday! My brother, Simon had put on a two week long Concept design Workshop or Cdw: Australia 2011. Since I am his lovely sister :) he let me attend Saturdays workshop for free! The conference included some really great artists and Simon has done an amazing job putting it all together. Saturdays teachers were Kevin Chen and Robin Eley. OMG Kevin showed us some amazing tips for life drawing and with two models he amazed us with the speed he can draw a full figure. Robin talked about his work and then sat and painted while we were able to ask questions. Robin was equally amazing he is an oil painter and his work is stunningly realistic. Although I'm not doing this kind of work any more it was so inspiring and awesome to watch people who are so talented at what they do! And also be reminded 1. that practice makes perfect, these guys are not only great because they are talented but also because they have worked and worked and worked at getting better at what they do. 2. to do what you REALLY love because it can be tough. If you wanna check out these guys just head over to Simon's blog (in my sidebar) scroll down about three posts, they are seriously talented at what they do!
Sorry I have no photos!

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