24 June 2011

On My Table and random bits!

This week I have lost count of how many rainbows the boys and I have spotted.Yesterday I think we saw at least four separate rainbows. Now when we get in the car Luke says "rainbow where are you?? I cant seeeee you.." Last weekend we finally bought our first trees (I own 2 trees YAY!!) a nectarine and an apricot tree. We also got some soil and gravel delivered so we are beginning to get our garden underway. Hopefully we will be ready enough to plant out a vegetable garden this spring. CANT WAIT!!The last few weeks with all the birthdays I have left up the decorations, just because they make me happy. And have added in some flowers, I am reminding myself to buy flowers on a weekly basis (until we get more garden going) because they make me so happy. Also need to remind myself to make some more napkins to put on the table instead of the tissues! My boys are super dooper messy!!!

I finally got all the headbands for my boxes done- yellow red and purple!

Also I have a note for Ali: I have tried to leave a comment on your blog about 30 times this week but my computer is running me round in circles. So I have to let you know here that You are the best!! Thank you so much for your comments (esp after what you are going through right now) BIG HUGS xxxxxxoooooo!!!!!!

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Ali said...

Aw shucks! :)Glad I made you smile. Beautiful flowers and woohoo for the fruit trees - your garden is on its way. Oh and I think it is blogger that is behaving badly not your computer.