9 June 2011

Today I Made

Its been a bit since I posted some things that I have made. Finally today I gave myself some time to do some sewing and really enjoyed it. Its my mums birthday coming up and she is also gonna be travelling next month so I thought I would make her some things that would be useful while travelling. For Christmas my brother got her a new camera but she is still using the case from her super chunky 90's camera (you know one with a film!) so I thought I would make her one that would fit her new camera better.
While she was up here last time I secretly traced around her camera so I would know just the right dimensions. I popped a bar of soap in there just to see what it will look like with something in there.
Also been trying out some tissue holders. I'm a bit of a tissue queen! but I am not sure if I like this more traditional take on the tissue holder- think I might try something else tomorrow.

I love the red polka dots think I might make another camera case with this fabric for myself :)

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