12 July 2011

For Nanny

One Happy Thing:
This little boy makes us so happy. This little boy was super tired when I took this photo, so his eyes wouldn't stay straight for even one second. This little boy is such a pleasure to be around all the time, he has such a pleasant soul a happy nature a calm little spirit. He is in no rush to do anything. He is super dooper positive even at 3 and a half. He now exclaims "I LOVE ham" "I LOVE digging" "I LOVE huggles" or such and such is my favourite. Activity One:
Nanny has put together a special lucky dip activity bag for Blake, where he gets to choose one activity each day during the holidays. This has been super fantastic, great for those times during the day when you need to get something done or just need a few moments piece and quiet! Blake loves it I am going to add a few things in there too. They are just simple activities like some colouring in or dot to dot or even play dough, I guess you could adapt this idea to any activities that suit you and your child- sewing activities, cooking, crafting, even wrap up some seeds and get your child to plant them. She has wrapped each one up with recycled bags and recycled wrapping paper, he loves opening his activity each day so I thought we would share them here.

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