9 July 2011

The Red Box

I missed yesterdays post......You know how I said that this was a busy time for Paul (shutdown as we call it) well he had to work today- seriously hate it when he has to work on the weekends, I know I shouldn't complain, I have it pretty good... but he works so much already. Any way so my plans were changed and yesterday was crazy busy- we had a very fast trip to the shops to pick up some holiday activities for Blake (otherwise he will drive me insane) and a crazy trip to ikea all on Blake's last day of school for the term and he had to be picked up early. Did I mention that we live just outside the Adelaide hills and ikea is in the city OMG that was a fast school pickup. So we have been finishing up on the red box and I thought I would share with you where I am at:

I am so close now I am just doing some finishing touches and getting things nice, adding a bit extra and hopefully tomorrow I will get some great pictures of the complete contents of the box!

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