15 August 2011

A little bit on balance

So this year has been all about balance for me. Although I seem to be always working on  my own happiness I guess happiness and balance kind of go together, if I am not happy I am not balanced and If I am not balanced I am not happy. So some of the areas where I have been looking for balance have been happening and some not so much.

Meditating: Has been something that I really am struggling with . I really want to, really really! The problem is that every time I try I fall asleep. I fall asleep very easily!!! One night Paul found a meditation app on his i phone and it took you into a deep meditation, Paul later told me that at the end the voice tells you to awake from your meditation and open your eyes. Paul's says that he was immediately alert and I was lying next to him snoring HA. I have even tried to do short ones, sitting up right for 2 minutes and still have to wake myself- I get scared that I will fall into a deep sleep and forget to pick Blake up from school etc.

Exercise: Another one that hasn't been happening as much as i would like, I would really love to do a yoga class, I have an elliptical trainer but some times life just gets in the way and sometimes I just come up with too many excuses.

Organised Cleaning: This year I have definitely gone through the house little by little day by day and got rid of all the extra stuff that we just don't need. It has made less to put away and cleaner looking house and it has left me with the things I really love. Leaving the things I love has given me a clearer idea of what my style is and has made me much more careful with what I bring into this house, I don't want to be throwing things away just because i don't like it so I must be more careful when purchasing something.

Activities with Paul: We have really  stopped watching a lot of TV often just going to bed earlier  but we have also completed a few puzzles this year, that has been seriously nice. Sitting with Paul listening to music and having something in front of us to do has been great! you get close enough to snuggle and have great conversation and can even have a glass of wine. I think we are getting close to finding balance  in this area.

Blogging: Getting there, my biggest issue here is remembering to take photos to share with you. I so often leave my camera behind.

Gardening: This is defiantly happening we have come a long way but there is still so much to go. Still need to find a good online source for seeds and someplace I can buy lots of plants (maybe tube stock).

If I were to add anything to this list It would be 1. more time looking after myself 2. more time playing less time being so serious 3. more time finding the pleasures in life- learning something new, baking because I feel like it or making something just because.

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