17 August 2011

Today I Made

Yippee! I made something! And I had a productive day in the kitchen too, I made a batch of bread, blueberry muffins and a potato bake to go with dinner tonight, ahhh nice to be organised. Any way back to what I made today... a journal cover  Ta dahhhh :) This one is for my SIL's birthday who LOVES yellow!

If u were around last year you will know that I am headed into birthday season round here so I am totally happy that I may have one out the way ( though I might put something with this one) . It gets difficult to think of something for birthdays then have to think of something else for Christmas. Hopefully this year I can be a bit more on top of it.

1 comment:

Ali said...

You are so clever! Who wouldn't lovely to get this happy journal as a present?!