6 October 2011

Bunting and Stitching

I have be meaning to make some bunting for ages, today I finally decided to make some. I was going to use fabric but didn't have enough pretty scraps so I figured why not use paper- I have lots of pink paper! :P This was much simpler and only took 5 minutes to whip up by simply stapling the paper to the ribbon. I love the cute pink that is now above my large kitchen window.
The rest of the day was spent stitching up Luke's quilt and I'm still not quite finished- I must have it finished by the weekend. Luke's birthday is on Sunday and we are going down the hill Saturday so I want to have it all wrapped up tomorrow night. It will just be the 4 of us on Sunday we will have a quiet birthday but I want to have a few pressies for him to open. Usually the boys get just one gift from us for b-days. They are very spoilt by our families and there b-days are both quite close to Christmas. Last yr Luke was so un-interested that all we got him was a knife and fork and I didn't even wrap them they went straight into the cutlery drawer! lol!

Looking forward to Friday... the best day of the week (another happy dance :P)

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