4 October 2011

One happy Thing

This Is an Amazing photo- a giant milestone for my little banana runkin
In the past Luke has had almost no interest in opening gifts, this last weekend Luke receive presents from Paul's family, his birthday is next weekend but they are working. He was excited ( he was most excited about the freddo frogs- that boy LOVES chocolate) he said WOW a lot. This was so super dooper to me- oh my poor heart.Christmas will finally be exciting to Luke.
 Things are moving along with Luke. We have had hearing tests but he wouldn't sit still or quiet so we only got 1/2 the results  but I'm not real worried I know he can hear... the Dr wanted to know if he was just a little down then that may affect him. We have received a lot of help from his kindy they have been fantastic,  next term he will have 2 1/2 hrs of support. The kindy speech lady is going to assess him and we are booked in to see a occupational therapist.
It is strange to have one child who is very smart and one who has challenges.
It is hard to find a balance for Blake who is so ready to do and see more but is held back by his little brother simply not being able to participate. So many things we don't do. Blake has his own life lessons to learn because he is so smart he lives mostly in his mind and he needs to remember peoples feelings, he needs to remember to be kind and to love, unconditionally.
Luke loves with all his heart , he feels fiercely and he is happy.
Reminder to self: he is happy he is loved that is all that matters.

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Sami said...

Congratulations on the milestone. It must be hard to have to deal with a child with problems. Most of us don´t realize how lucky we are when our kids do and behave the way they are supposed to...Good luck xx