1 October 2011


So Today is the 1st of October! LOVE LOVE LOVE October LOVE! Why? Because its my birthday month!!! LOL. This is about when the people I  love around me  would say "crazy Mamie"  And this year I refuse to repress, this year this month there will be more than 31 happy dances ( lol wouldn't you love to see that) and let  me explain why. At the beginning of this year I read 'the happiness project'  as you know being happy is a great way to help find your balance. I did find that the book in my opinion a little on the side of shallow happiness- rather than deep happiness but in saying that there are so many ways to be more aware of what will make you grumpy in a moment and what will make you happy and that in the overall picture can boost your happiness. So over the last few months I have been popping in to Gretchen Rubins blog 'the happiness project' and one of her posts this week struck a note with me. The post was titled "Do you often (or ever) feel a Wonderful, Joyous, Childhood Feeling of expectancy?' I am exactly the type of person who easily feels this way, but since becoming an adult I have been repeatedly told that I shouldn't feel that way anymore, that that feeling fades, that adults don't get excited about Christmas and they don't want to get up early on Christmas morning or get excited that its there birthday, bah humbug they say. WELL NOT ANY MORE!!! I am that kind of person and I think that I need to rub of on some of those boring, grumpy adults.

Today is the perfect day for all of this The First, for those of you who haven't been round here my birthday is the 31st- yup Halloween and the last day of October. Today is also the first big party day of October, we are going to one birthday party that is celebrating 3 birthdays and 1 retirement then in the evening we are going to my SIL party, all with just family but still its a great time to be excited.

For all of this month everyday I am going to be doing three things- blogging, running and meditating. So expect to see lots of me here! :)

Happy First of October !!!!!!!!

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