13 October 2011

Today I made

Yesterday my Internet wasn't working... But there was lots happening here. I made some homemade mayonnaise for the first time, I used a recipe from 'not dabbling in normal' (check it out in my sidebar)and it is really very nice.
 My SIL requested a bag for storing bags made out of  red gingham and also a door snakefor her b-day so that was all whipped up.
 And I also whipped up two new shopping bags - I cant get enough of these!
There was also a batch of brownies made last night but when I got up this morning half of them were gone!! There are some cheeky monkeys in my house!!!
Today I am hoping to get some Christmas sewing done :)


Ali said...

Yum! I sometimes think I would get a lot more done if my Internet was down but then again I didn't go near my computer yesterday and I still didn't get anything done...

Sami said...

I agree with Ali!! Very nice presents, I like your shopping bag, very clever.