31 October 2011

Twenty Eight

So wanna know what happened??? Well mid way through October we were told that my mum is going to have an operation, nothing too serious but  still she will have to stay with us for up to 6 weeks after the op, this will happen sometime before Christmas but a date has not yet been set. Also plans were made for my in laws to come stay for my birthday and OH NO i had a pile of spring cleaning to do and  another pile of appointments for Luke. So the last 2 weeks i have been in cleaning mode, feeling like I was running out of time to organize a (small) birthday party and knowing my mum is gonna be here soon and Christmas is coming, I felt a bit like the sky was gonna fall on my head, so something had to give and that was blogging. But now I am back! And since Sami has tagged me to tell you 10 things you didn't (need to) know about me and since today is my 28th birthday I thought I would give you 28 things  you didn't know about me including some of my favourite things.

1. I love dried bananas you know the ones that look like shriveled willy's- cant get enough of them yum!

2. My music taste is wide and varied I love cold play, Norah Jones, Moloko, Jack Johnson (LOVE), Ben Harper, Taylor Swift and at night Paul drifts us to sleep with classical music.

3. As a teenager I watched the movie "sleepless in Seattle" more than two hundred times!

4.As an adult I have watched the series of "pride and prejudice"  the one with Colin frith almost as many times.

5. I love Audrey Hepburn- breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday are my favourites.

6. Blake and I love to dance crazy in the family room- it is a sight to be seen!

7. I almost died when I had Blake and am totally against home births- before I had children I would have said the complete opposite.

8. I refuse to watch any News or current affairs or read newspapers because I don't believe in feeding into the media. I prefer to have a positive mind!

9. I hate people who pick there nose!!!!

10. I  prefer to sleep with the blankys tucked under my feet because I am scared of the snakes biting my feet (i had lots of horrible nightmares about that when I was a child, and crocodiles in the toilet!) :)

11. I knew I was going to marry Paul from the first week Id known him. He is my best friend.

12. When I was a teen I wanted to be a florist and did work experience at 3 florists shops. Alas I get hay fever too easily.

13. I get called the tissue queen by Paul and my SIL they say I have tissue issues- but I just cant help it.

14. I also get called Crazy Mamie by Paul and my SIL- I am a little loopy but as I say- You love me anyway!

15.I have always wanted to run a marathon and have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon.  I wish I was a runner and I really want to run a short marathon next year- I am gonna have to get running. This is my next goal.

16.I am the kinda person who loves with my whole heart and if you hurt me too much I will simply push you out of my life so I don't have to deal with your crap. I seem to only really have a small circle of family- I love them so dearly they are very close to me and know everything about me.

17. As a child we were quite poor due to my parents divorce (my mum would say we weren't deprived though) as an adult I am truly spoilt. Paul would buy me anything I asked for. Sometimes I cant help it, it is a hard balance trying to find a simple life when you have money and you were once poor. I have issues with second hand because of my childhood and I remember what it was like to make do and miss out and to use everything to full use.

18.I have PCOS and was told that I would never have children, I have two little miracles running round my house right now.

19. I believe in love, above all love.

20.My fave junk food is corn chips but not the ones with all the flavourings I love the original ones.

21. I have an incredibly sensitive nose-my sense of smell is crazy. I tell Paul I should work for a government agency like the police to sniff out smells- like how they have physics help them (or sniffer dogs LOL)

22.Things that make me happy are making things, fresh cut flowers, birthdays and huggles.

23. I try to always smile while I'm driving- people on the roads can be so impatient and grumpy!

24. I was vegetarian before I met Paul, now life is different. Sometimes we have 3 (whole- both cheeks) cow bums in our fridge. I could easily go back to being vegetarian and wouldn't miss meat. We eat the best meat in Australia I can honestly say that the meat Paul gets is export (and amazing) quality meat from work and I do believe that if you couldn't kill it you shouldn't eat it- most people have become completely removed from what meat really is and where it really comes from and how it is killed.

25. On the topic of meat working in an abattoir- cleaning it was an eye opening experience and I often say to myself when doing a yucky job like picking up the dog poo "nothing is as bad as cleaning an abattior" it always helps.+

26. I love board games, I am waiting for the boys to be a little older so they can play with me. I love monopoly!

27. Sometimes my eyes are green, sometimes grey and sometimes blue, it depends on the light and who you ask.

28. I love birthdays, life is short you never know what is around the corner, celebrate what you have and who you are . Life is sweet!

Did you make it to 28?

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Sami said...

Happy 28th birthday. I enjoyed reading your 28 things about yourself, very brave to have such a long list.
Have a great day xx