22 November 2011

The Adelaide Pageant

I thought that I would share some of the photos that my mum took while we were at the pageant.
She took lots of floats but not too many with the boys in, lots of the back of there heads. It was a warm day so there were a tonne of people, more than we expected but the boys still managed to squish right up in front :)
 This Santa was in Adelaide Arcade the boys were really excited to see anything christmassy, Blake especially loved being in the city since we don't go there very often any more. Doesn't he look so grown-up here ?? OMG
 Of course I had to add Santa's Sleigh!
We have given in to peer pressure this year and put up one tree (yes we have two!) Usually I put them up on December First but we have family that always put up the tree when the pageant comes to town, I felt like I was missing out especially since I love Christmas so much! 

When do you put up your Christmas tree?

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