4 November 2011

The Cheerleader?

I have a bit of a long story to put down here and am struggling with where to begin..... (I hope its not too deep :P ) As you know I have been meditating lately and it has been helping me a lot during the day to stay calm and be productive. I had been thinking  that I should be running and feeling guilty that I hadn't been. Lets just say that it was on my mind! I had been thinking that as a mum isn't it crazy that I can find the time for one of these activities but not both! How on earth is that finding the balance- I can look after my mind but not my body that is just crazy! I had short conversations with both Ali and Kathie Link (in my sidebar) about running and I was getting the running itch. Then with everything that has been going on with Luke ( my focus has really been on him in the last few months) I have been having some conversations with his Kindy teacher  who reveled to me that she is in training for a marathon.
Blake had no idea what this contraption was for, he kept asking "is this what you are supposed to do on it?"

 Digging a little deeper she explained to me that she had overcome some large obstacles, last time she was in training for the same marathon she tripped and shattered her knee and had to have a pile of major surgery and was told she would never run again. Yet here she was in training for a 42km marathon. Can I say I'm impressed. So I just had this all going through my head, not only that but the big 3 0 is looming and I feel like I still have a lot that I want to do before then also on one hand time with Luke means that there are things that I wont be able to do (like starting selling handmade stuff suddenly got pushed to the bottom of the priority list) but on the other hand more time at kindy for him and school only just over a year away I am beginning to see the light of getting some more Mamie back and being able to fit more into the day whilst they aren't here.
After discussing all this with Paul my question was should I 'just do it' ? should I make a goal? Well I have. Yep.  I am thinking I might do our city's fun run which is only 12kms, next September. That's a small enough goal right? I certainly don't want to bite off more than I can chew! I cant possibly get my feet on the road everyday with the boys here but I do own a cross trainer so I most definitely can hop on that everyday.
Any way after all this I finally come to my point.... Over the weekend I told my family that this was something that I wanted to do, quite honestly this is something that I have thought about doing for a very long time (but fat gals don't run do they?) and often even dream about running.  Not one of my family members were encouraging! I got a whole lot of YOUR CRAZY and YOU CANT , even though I politely mentioned that just before winter we were hiking 7 kms up mountains with often a 20kg Luke on my back- but anyway! 

I totally get where they are coming form and It made me question how often am I encouraging to the people around me- How often do I cheer them on? How often do I tell them that they can do it- that they are amazing and strong. How often do I tell them that they are doing a great job? Truly no where near often enough! Not even close!

How often do you encourage others?


Sami said...

Quite true, I also realize I don´t often encourage or praise family members and others. Something to think about and act on it too of course! Good luck with your training, hope you achieve what you intend to do, no reason why you can´t run.

Ali said...

Good on you setting a goal! It's a great one too - no matter what your family says. Families are often our worst detractors - they forget you're not the kid you once were and no longer have to fit into the hole they had pegged for you. Life is for living and legs are for running :)

kathie said...

The best thing to do is just to prove them wrong :)