11 November 2011

This week

This is Sam my last (no one else is having babies right???) little nephew.
This week has been a little crazier than I anticipated.
There has been appointments for Luke.
And days of kindy for Luke.
Play dates for Blake.
A baby was born, a chubby new Boy.
Food consumed so fast that mummy felt guilty when  Blake exclaimed "you need to go shopping to buy some food- there is no food!!!!!!" I cant keep up. I hate to think how much food they will consume when they are teenagers !
Lunch order dramas long story short this mummy didn't know that it was only possible to do lunch orders on SOME days resulted in us being late for school and a whole pile of tears.
A brand spanking new car arrived in my driveway which Paul had driven home from the dealers to show me (just for a test run) there was much excitement.
There are looming appointments for Luke and I am not looking forward to the brain draining process to go through Luke's history yet again. Also more organizations that I need to get in contact with. Like we are not in contact with enough already, boy they are demanding too! I am really looking forward to getting a diagnosis and finally getting something in place to begin working with him to help him but it seems to be a long process. I already suspect that they wont be able to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with him and that they will label him with a global developmental delay. If only I had some image in my mind of what that will look like when he is an adult. How much he will be able to function....
Also I am missing scrapbooking, I am really going to have to carve out some time to scrap.
Stressing that I've not done more sewing this week.
Lastly Blake and I are going with my mum and my  (other) nephew to the Adelaide pageant tomorrow. I am super excited, we haven't been for a few years. That is Blake last time we went :)

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