8 December 2011

On My Door

Christmas is happening over here, the lights are on the house, both the trees are up (and Paul admitted that this year he prefers the pink tree to the traditional one in our bay window! OMG), advent calenders are in full swing- with one counting down and the chocolate one counting up makes me a confused mummy! There have been some Christmas crafts and we even have an  ELF staying with us until Christmas eve.
 I managed to whip this wreath up right before December First, it is wrapped in glittery aqua fabric and then divine twine around it.
It definitely stands out you can see it from the road! I love this time of year it is so nice to sit down at the end of the day and enjoy the twinkling lights, if only there was snow! Fat chance of that happening here in the middle of summer :)

1 comment:

Ali said...

You don't really want snow, it's wet, cold and annoying. Besides your gorgeous wreath would become bedraggled in such inclement weather lol.