23 January 2012

Not the usual day!

Today I am trying desperately to toilet train Luke. He is four. He is going to kindy.And Blake is staying with his grandparents for a few days. But boy oh boy it is tough. Blake was so different to Luke, Blake just didn't want to and as soon as he decided that he wanted to then he did. Since Luke doesn't have the same kind of understanding I have simply put him in jocks today hoping that a few accidents might make him realise. I have been taking him to the toilet every fifteen minutes.
 AND every single time he has done a wee before I take him- that's a LOT of wee people not to mention the #2's!!! I am tired, I'm thinking about just popping a nappy on him for the rest of the day and then going again tomorrow, but will that confuse him more? 
Will I have a breakthrough later this afternoon?  Ahhh so tired.


Ali said...

Hang in there my lovely friend! Fingers crossed that you had that break through. xxx

Sami said...

I think boys seem to take longer to toilet train than girls, at least that was so with my kids. It takes a lot of patience...hang in there!