3 January 2012

On My Table

Since I haven't done an 'on my table' post in a while and today has been really busy, I thought I would show you our Christmas breakfast table.
Since we weren't entertaining anyone this year I thought it would be nice to make our morning a little special, a little bit of time for just the four of us.
 I was up Christmas eve hanging pink tulle everywhere and not one of my three boys complained that it was all pink. Sometimes Mummy just needs a little pink- or a lot LOL ;)
We had fruit salad and croissants and it was nice being together.


Sami said...

I love all the pink tulle, I can imagine in a house full of boys, you need your pink once in a while!
I have nominated your blog with an ABC award, please feel free to collect it and pass it on.

Ali said...

So beautiful - you really have the decorator's eye. I think food always tastes better when it's served in a beautiful setting.