15 April 2012

Today I Love

Today I am loving mango smoothies made with frozen mango and spelt apple and blueberry crumble with organic yogurt.
 I am loving the new lime and lemon trees I bought yesterday and wondering how long till we get some fruit from them.
 Loving freshly cleaned drawer in my kitchen.
 Loving that we finally have some capsicums growing in Blake's little greenhouse, I have tried to grow capsicums so many times, this is the first time we have had any.
 As always I am loving having fresh flowers on my table.
 Loving getting out my sewing machine and making some new cushion covers with my old curtains.
I'm also loving that Blake and Paul have gone to the movies today, Blake has been talking my ears off so it is nice to have a little quite. :)


Ali said...

Love your list of loves! Sounds like life is pretty delicious at your house :)

Sami said...

I have some frozen mangoes, what a great idea to make smoothies!! Yummi! I like you love list too. We should all have a love list!