7 May 2012

Introducing a Sprinkling of Fairy Dust!

If you haven't already noticed from recent blog posts there has been a level of frustration  and really with some of the things going on in our lives I have been too often getting upset and feeling like things are just so unfair. Dealing with Luke's problems is becoming increasingly more difficult. We are dealing with more and more people who are overworked and who generally just don't have time to care. Over the last few months my frustration became 'what can I do to change this?' Paul and I had many many conversations about what could I do and all I knew was that I wanted to bring more love into our own lives and to others, I wanted to remind people about love and happiness and that we can care for each other, it is simple.
 Even strangers can share a moment of love.
It doesn't have to be big it only has to feel like a little fairy dust sprinkled on your day.
It is time and I have to do something about it, from my heart in my own little way.

Say a big happy warm HELLO to A sprinkling of Fairy Dust!

I am going to be releasing between 100 and  200 (4 to 6 a week) of these packs between now and the end of the year.
For the first month I will be focusing on leaving these little packs around Adelaide.

I am really excited about this little bit of love that I am going to be leaving around the place. And am even more excited that someone might find these and check in here and let us know if it bought them a smile or made their day a little brighter.
Each pack will have its own word relating to love so that we can track each pack- a word is far more personal and meaningful than a number.
I will post a photo of each pack here throughout the week and if you find one feel free to either leave a comment or email me and let me know about your find!!
I will be setting my first packs free tomorrow when we are out and about

Next month I would love this little project to travel a little further so leave a comment if you would love to be a fairy too.


Nell said...

Count me in Amy! The world needs more fairy dust and more people like you!

Sami said...

Oh, how sweet, really a lovely project. I´m sure whoever finds the cards will feel special and loved and hopefully will be able to pass the feeling on.

Ishieta said...

This is a lovely project, and you sound like a lovely person :)
I wish there were more people like you who chanelled their energies into positive action!

I will keep visiting your lovely blog from now!
Found you through your comment on down-to-earth, and can resonate with the lack of opportunity vs constant critisicm vs high demands on our time, whereas we are supposedly the generation that has a lot! i don't think a lot of ppl realise that with so many options, the pressure to take on that many more things on yourself is also more greater!