29 November 2012

NYC through my iphone lense!

These are just a few of the sneaky shots I took on my IPhone, Paul was the main photographer while we were away occasionally he became the embarrassing tourist photographer which made me giggle because he is usually so serious in our real life. We did look at quite a lot of shops  while we were away, they are an attraction in themselves and yes my simple living did go completely out the window for the week we were there, in my defense i was in serious need  of clothes I had been wearing clothes with stains on them or that couldn't be repaired  for months!
 So these choccies made me giggle, they had funny chocolates everywhere including at the checkout in clothes stores.
 My one and only hot dog in NY, this was at Greys Papaya, if you are a fan of 'youve got mail' then you will know this place. It was totally yummo.
 This was a huge gingerbread, I had never seen one as big. Shops were putting up there Christmas displays while we were there.
 This is at the top of the rock, we don't have many piccys together. The view was amazing!
 Yes we did do premium outlet shopping and yes it was super dooper amazing. About an hour upstate in amongst there hills. We went to Apple bees while we were there and drank martinis which is not something I would normally do in my real life oh it was fun!
 My first experience at a Hard Rock Cafe we had a waitress named penny who was so perky and cute that I just wanted her to put on some roller skates and dance around.
 One of the things i loved the most was that if you are into something you have the opportunity to get anything you want or need for your hobby, this is a perfect example: walls of Lego!
And lastly a quick snap of children excitedly running up and down the ginormous piano at FAO Swarts! What Fun!!!


Nell said...

Lovely to finally see some snaps of your holiday. You both look so relaxed and happy (which is just what I hoped would happen!)
So much fun!!!!

And please don't think I am putting you off our crafting get-together - come January we are SO crafting up a storm!

Nell said...

didn't think you were pestering me at all just didn't want you to think I didn't want to!!! Would love to get the kids together for a play in the hols and maybe we can sneak a bit of easy crafting while they play!

Ali said...

Looks like you had a fab time. I'd love to have a go on that piano too.

Sami said...

Lovely photos to remember a happy and playful holiday. Great fun!!