11 February 2013

Before and After

I don't think I have done anything like this at all before. But since I now have Paul to help me out I managed to give this piece of furniture a face lift  I know I have seen a lot of this type of thing around on blogs and I have to say it is a really rewarding thing to do, to turn something that you thought might even make it to the tip into something you want to keep is so much fun.
 Originally this was a set of draws, it had three lager ones on the bottom and then two half ones at the top. I still have the two smaller ones and have plans for another little project. Paul took out all the draws and extra bits and made the shelves for me a while ago. I got around to painting it during the Christmas holidays and then finished the shelves with some fabric I picked up cheap.

I am loving the final result, so much fresher and pretty.


Sami said...

Looks wonderful and painted in one of my favourite colours! One of my kitchen/dining walls in painted in turquoise.

Nell said...

oooohhh! Love, love, love this - although I would of course put it with red instead of pink? Was it tricky to do? I've been thinking of doing Maddie's wardrobe and drawers for a while but hate the thought of sanding back.