24 February 2013

Scrap It

Luke has begun school with a beautiful happiness and a lot less dramas than I would have thought. But I do miss him terribly I was still drawing on the abundant love that he gives so freely and now he is at school it is easy for me to miss hugging him and tickling him and all of his smiles throughout the day.
He is in the very beginning stages of learning to read which is super scary to me, he loves all of his teachers, he loves catching the bus to and from school, he loves his new friends and he is doing very well.

We will be starting therapies back up very soon and I have some resources in mind to purchase, so things are looking good.

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Ali said...

Oh how this post warmed my heart. I'm so excited for you both. Good on you for helping him find his place in the world, just sneak in an extra long cuddle before he leaves to sustain you during the day. xxx