1 March 2013

Happy March

Hello Happy March!
 I have been looking forward to this time of year for so long, Autumn for me is the best and my most favorite time of year. in spring I get a lot of hay fever  summer is far too hot here for my liking and though I do have a very soft spot for winter and its snuggly feel, autumn is so nice here.
The weather starts to cool off enough that I can get back out in the garden and I have huge plans this autumn for my garden, there are beautiful colours here in the hills and the wind usually dies down a bit in autumn here.
Speaking of gardening, I have been volunteering at Blake's school in there kitchen garden each Friday so I have been coming home with a little produce on a Friday  but today my friend who is also gardening at school bought me in all these tomato's and figs and onions and a beautiful bouquet of fresh herbs.
Gardening and homegrown produce just seems so Nourishing.
I was thinking that March should be the month that I nourish this little blog. My goal is to be here everyday. I will see how I go and there will probably be a lot of mundane stuff here but I just wanna be here.

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