13 March 2013

Date night

Things have been a little boring here, lots of cleaning and sorting but not much fun stuff. So I thought I would show you what we did this past Saturday for date night. We have both taken turns in organising something on a Saturday night but not every Saturday night, things can get a little boring here since we don't really have a babysitter (my mums great but we cant ask her all the time) and we live so far from everything it has become our way of mixing things up a little so that we don't end up doing the same thing all the time. We have a separate lounge room that can be closed off so that during Saturday we can set up something in there without the other one seeing and without the boys getting into it. In the past few weeks we have had valentines day- Paul decorated and put up pink fairy lights and we watched a movie, bowling night- I organised this one complete with wii bowling (two games, shoe hire, hot dog fries and a coke. Just like the add). And this last Saturday I organised a slumber party, by moving the mattress into the lounge and making Paul some of his favourite food it turned out to be lots of fun!

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