24 March 2013

Love Bunny Soaps

Since it is Easter this coming week I decided that I am going to share some of the crafty Easter happiness that has been happening here because it just wont be as fun sharing it after Easter!
Recently I tried twice to make cold pressed soap and both times I had some kinda weird chemical reaction and the whole thing seized both times, the first due to me not stirring the lye enough and the second time I believe was a temperature issue. I will not give up but next time I try Paul will be here to help me.
 In the mean time I have wanted to make melt and pour soap for a very very long time and I finally took the plunge. After my CP disaster it was so satisfying to finally have something work!
MP soap definitely is fantabulous for creative people and I have had so much fun playing.
I bought quite a lot of soap but only one colourant- chocolate gold mica, very soon I will get some more colours so that I can play even more.
These are chocolate scented love bunnies and as you can see in this is a three layer soap with and embedded heart.I have made other shapes and scents and I will share them in the next few days.
Do you think they make a cute Easter gift?

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