21 September 2008

Beautiful weekend, Beautiful Caitlin

Today we had swimming lessons for Blake, Jacob is in the same class and now they are pritty much swimming on there own so they are just cheeky and funny the whole lesson- next term they both go up to the next class and will be swimming without us so our little boys are leaving us already. Then we went to simons and shelleys for lunch a beautiful bbq day- the boys had lots of fun playing outside on the swing set and Caitlin and Luke had a little sleep together. Luke looks so big next to her, i guess that the growth spert helped, its just that he is my little one so he seems so small to me :) Caitlin is just soooooo cute and soooo tiny i could eat her up ;) So here is one of her...

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Simon Scales said...

looks great
love the design of this one - glad to provide suitable subject matter :)