30 September 2008

Nothing like Nana

So i just couldn't help myself but play with patty pans yet again, i have just bought some new ones so.... what could be more fun than some patty pans, wool and buttons- surely everyone has those in there homes!!! I had a quick play with a photo of my mum and new baby Caitlin yesterday, my mum was up as she is on holidays and i was lucky enough to have the most lazy day i have had in a very long time. I even managed a three hour nap and on top of that she was lovely enough to potter around doing all my house work so now i have a happy house and a happy mamie, rested and relaxed!! Nothing like Nana - Blake loves having her up and follows her where ever she goes, then doesn't stop talking about her for days, little does he know that he is in for a double treat tomorrow- he gets to see her again!!

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