16 October 2008

Blake Made me laugh this morning when we got out of the shower (we don't have a bath so he sometimes just hops in with me). He was squeaky clean and we hadn't yet got his nappy on...
Blake: Whats that on my bot tom?
Me : I dont know , what is it?
Blake: its incy wincy spider
Me : its incy wincy spider?
Blake: its incy wincy spider up my bot tom.......pause...... incy wincy spiders gone
Me : where's he gone?
Blake: he's gone to America.

Well it just made me laugh.
I made play dough for him last night, so when i got it out of the fridge this morning he was excited- he wasn't quite sure if it was for him. I made one batch then divided it in to four then kneaded the colour in, i am loving the colour !!!!!

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