14 October 2008

Little Yummy Lollies

I have spent today washing Missy (our car) and making some Felt embellishments for scrappingbooking (this is what Blake calls it LOL). Anyway they look so yummy that i could eat them up- and i was really glad that i made them. I managed to pick up some felt for 50c a sheet and i have only used a little of each and some left over buttons, and just a little Kindy glits on some of them. which i think is a bargain because the other day i saw some delicious felt embellishments 6 of them on a sheet for $9 ! So i am happy, i have made 28 but i think i will have to make more. I LOVE FELT!

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Artist in Residence said...


Thanks for telling me to have a look here again (hopeless I am and need reminding) LOL. You are doing SUCH GREAT WORK!! I couldn't stop looking until I had seen it all!! Now, I hope you know for sure that me not looking here doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of you.... in fact I know there is a special someone's birthday coming up soon and I have had a pressie for AGES LOL. Great to see pics of you and your loved ones- and all looking so well too. I can't believe your little boy's ONE (silly me was thinking it was in November- what happened there??)Plus- where's the TINY baby we left behind?? LOVE YOU LOTS and LOTS, BIG HUG and yes, I did notice you have been painting WELL DONE! B xxxxx