3 November 2008

Birthday Weekend

So Since my last post I have enjoyed a very fun birthday, which lasted most of the weekend. We stayed at my mums overnight while she stayed with our boys- 24hours without them seems to do the world of good for restoring energy, patients and just i always just feel better, like i can do it again. Sometimes i can get a little frazzled with our boys LOL We don't often stay away from them and Paul even started to miss them by the morning. When we came home they were both fast asleep. Then my brother and his family came up and the boys had the best time playing and just being CRAZY FUN little 2 year olds. Sunday we took blake to swimming even though paul had only had 3 hours sleep ( he had been called into work at 12 and didn't get home till 5) poor thing!! He is a maintenance manager and so has the ability to fix anything- he is amazing and is very clever his mind just works so incredibly fast- i could never catch him. Then in the afternoon i caught up on some sleep LOL it should have been him !! But he did go to bed really early which gave me some nice quiet time to myself, watching idol, eating birthday cake and scrapbooking. I even watched my new dvd enchanted which i loved ;) and i think my scrapbooking reflected what i was watching lol So i had a very fun Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This one is one i made from My Minds Eye Kit- Totaly Boy, from the shop and crop website :)

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