11 November 2008

Christmas is coming

So I guess that i haven't done much scrapbooking this last week- though i have been to the scrap shop twice in the past week, I think i am trying to do too much atm! I have been busy making all of my Christmas pressies for almost everyone in my family ( some of the men/ boys are a bit hard to make for) I have been making Hand Bags and place mats and dolls and Christmas bags for the boys even an iggle piggle doll for Blake. This is a doll i have made for my neice - she will be around three months at Christmas so she really wont be that into it, she will be able to play with this as she gets older though

Blake and I went to the Christmas pageant on the weekend with my mum and we had an absolute ball. Blake was so exited and watched every second of it. Until about the last four floats when he decided that he didn't want to stand there anymore and that he wanted Nana to hold him, even though i was kneeling down on the bitumen right at the front of the crowd and Nana was standing right at the back- LOL so I had to convince him that Santa was very close and then he was fine again- tanty averted phew.!! He almost jumped out of his skin when he saw the first dancing girls. So here is some photos of the pageant

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